Hi 👋! I'm Luis Somellera, a Product Designer from Mexico.

Sr. User Experience Designer at Oracle.

About me

I studied Film Production and Digital Animation, and have been designing for over 8 years.
One of my hobbies is to go hiking with my dog, who’s my most loyal companion.

Current role

I work on CX products for specific industries such as Sales, Telecommunications, and Financial Services.
My team and I work hard on redesigning and homogenizing Oracle’s next-generation of products.

CX SaaS for the Telecommunications Industry

Oracle DX4C Care X

Customer Experience solution tailored for the Telecommunications Industry to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.​

CX SaaS for the Financial Industry

Oracle Case Management

Customer Experience solution tailored for the Finance Industry to help agents increase their productivity.

Mobile-first listings website


Listings website that helps users find a coworking space that matches their lifestyle. I participated as a Co-founder and User Experience Designer.

Responsive website redesign

My Wedding in Los Cabos

Wedding photography and videography company. I redesigned their business website and ranked their business online.