Hi! I'm Luis Somellera, a Product Designer from Mexico.

Sr. User Experience Designer at Oracle.

About me

I studied Film Production and Digital Animation in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2013, I started working as a freelance Graphic Designer, and a year later, I became a Web Designer.
In 2016, I discovered the world of UX and completely fell in love. I’m very passionate about designing user-centered interactions that have an impact on people’s lives.

Current role

I work on industry-specific CX products such as Sales, Telecommunications, and Financial Services as a Sr. User Experience Designer at Oracle.

My team and I work hard on redesigning and homogenizing Oracle’s next-generation of products, aligned with design patterns and guidelines established by Redwood, Oracle’s new Design System.

CX SaaS for the Telecommunications Industry

Oracle DX4C Care X

Customer Experience solution tailored for the Telecommunications Industry to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.‚Äč

CX SaaS redesign for the Finance Industry

Oracle Case Management

Customer Experience solution tailored for the Finance Industry to help agents increase their productivity.

Mobile-first listings website

Cowork Life

Listings website that helps users find a coworking space that matches their lifestyle. I participated as a Co-founder and User Experience Designer.

Responsive website redesign

My Wedding in Los Cabos

Wedding photography and videography company. I redesigned their business website and ranked their business online.