My Wedding in Los Cabos

2017 - 2018


UX and Web Designer responsible for Research, IxD, VxD, Prototyping, Web Design, and SEO Strategy


Designers (1), Client’s Team (3)


Redesign a wedding photography website and improve its online ranking.


The company didn’t meet in person with their customers until a couple of days before their wedding, and by that time, they were usually very stressed out. Having face-to-face time with our users was complicated.

The problem

The website was not conveying trust to foreign clients to encourage them to request more information about the services through online channels.


I designed a clean, detailed, and personal experience to alleviate most clients’ concerns, such as reading reviews from past customers, validation from authority websites, and transparency with their pricing information.

In addition, I applied SEO and usability best practices to improve sites performance and organic online ranking.

Screenshot from the reviews section (Social Proof).


After only 4 months of launching the website and marketing efforts, the following metrics increased: monthly sessions (223%), monthly users (85%), pages per session (4.6%), conversion rate (12.7%), and average duration (6 seconds). It also sold $8,000 USD from leads  through the website.

After 6 months, the website ranked 1st on most related organic searches.


My Wedding in Los Cabos is a photography and videography company in Los Cabos, Mexico. They needed to expand their offerings outside the only hotel they work at. Most of their customers lived in the United States and Canada, so their website was the most important channel to showcase their work and get new clients. They were not getting any leads online.

Screenshot of the existing website.


I analyzed their Google Analytics data and got the following insights:

285 monthly sessions

207 monthly users

3.9 pages per session

42.11% bounce rate

Poor site performance

04:03 minutes average duration

The homepage was the most visited page

Zero conversion rate

Content audit

The homepage lacked compelling information

Broken links

No call-to-actions

Pixelated images

Lacked meta tags to improve SEO

The company didn´t know where messages from the contact form were been sent to

Average of 10 to 20 unanswered live chat requests

Competitive analysis

The competition was doing a great job showcasing their portfolio, encouraging users to contact them, and showing reviews from previous clients.

Screenshot from GV photographer.

Screenshot from Daniela Ortiz Photo.

User insights

I had limited access to users, so I managed to include a couple of questions in the questionnaire that the company sent to the brides before the wedding.

What were you looking for when searching online for a wedding photographer and videographer?

The homepage lacked compelling information

Broken links

No call-to-actions

Pixelated images

Lacked meta tags to improve SEO

The company didn´t know where messages from the contact form were been sent to

Average of 10 to 20 unanswered live chat requests

How did you find us?

A: Hotel referral.

Did you browse through our website before hiring us? If so, did you find useful information?

A: Yes, but the information was not clear enough so I had to call the office several times.


Brides to Be

Pain points

01 Don't know if the company is real.

02 Contact someone to get a quote.

03 They don't know what to offer.

User goals

Brides to Be need to learn about the company and past experience in order to feel confident about hiring a foreign company.

Brides to Be need to view detailed pricing information in order to evaluate and consider it in their budgets.


The following scenario helped find areas of opportunity, such as link-building SEO strategy with other wedding providers, Social Proof, multiple ways to contact the company, and prioritizing the content displayed to the users.
I drew a Sitemap to know which screens needed to be designed and how they interacted with each other. There were many internal links promoting navigation within the website, but also external links from authority websites for SEO purposes.

Design process

A paper-first approach helped me translate the sitemap into a low fidelity click-through prototype.

Visual Design and Moodboarding

The company was using only black and white, so I introduced a teal color that combines the best psychological aspects of both blue and green. Blue conveys the feeling of tranquility and calm while green elicits feelings of balance and peace.

The font Playfair Display works for large headlines and it’s often used in fashion blogs or magazines. It was a perfect fit for the type of user we were designing for.

I defined the look of the website. I wanted to convey minimalism through the use of whitespace and spacing between elements. I used a grid of 2 and 3 columns in most cases but designed a 4 column grid for edge cases.

As I continued iterating on the design and collaborating with the client, I design a pop-up form so users don’t have to navigate elsewhere with the assumption of improving the conversion rate.

Information Architecture on the Homepage

Final thoughts

What's next
I continued improving the SEO strategy and updating the website. As the company grew, so did the quality of their work. It was important to showcase their latest work.
Working with a client’s team can be challenging. I found it very useful to establish a single person as the point of contact to avoid any miscommunication.
What would I do differently?
Spend more time validating and iterating on the design work with users.
The website continued getting qualified leads through organic searches. I got to work closely with the same client on other companies that he owned.